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I recommend a random comic since we aren't doing weekly updates right now. Expect those when I have all of the old stuff up. :)

The Funny Guy Comix

The Funny Guy Comix are our "flagship" line of comics. We're named after them, after all. They started in 2000, more than a decade ago, and they were written almost constantly for 5 years, until the 2005 hiatus. Most are full-page comics with about 30 squares in them on average. There were a few multi-page comics released, most notably 175: An F.G. Christmas Carol and 192: Attack of the Drones. All of the comics were arranged into "books" or collections of approximately 40 comics each with generally similar themes. Each one follows a loose storyline that continues from 1 to 320. Ctrl+F is your friend!

Book 8: Epic Comics (281 to 320)

The Funny Guys are once again teleported to a strange, new world... this time to the mysterious Ever Grande Metropolis, a city spanning three interconnected planets and the structure connecting those planets... and the city police need them captured. But why? And will the FGs actually have to put in the effort to get out? Features the NEO Photorealism process.

Book 7: The Power of Graphite (241 to 280)

This book features some of the most detailed comics to date, and the adventures get weirder and weirder yet...

Book 6: Action Comics (201 to 240)

Ready for AKSHUN?! These extended adventures spanning a few comics in which random action happens. Target uses a shrink ray and some heavy equipment to stop Junior's cold one on one? Junior gets a new pet and it turns out to be a roach? It's all here.

Book 5: Live From Funnytown (161 to 200)

This book is HUGE. No, seriously. It features our two "super size" comic books within its pages. It also features the "F.G. Telethon", a collection of random adventures Funny Guy and co. get into for Oxy-Moron... so he and his techie, Jack, can raise money for... an unknown cause.

Book 4: Serious Man Returns (121 to 160)

What's a saga without a story arc in which the big baddie comes back to get his butt kicked some more? Serious Man is back, and with a team of new comrades to help him succeed in his quest to turn Funnyland into a serious, bland, and insipid waste.

Book 3: The Quest for Serious Man (91 to 120)

With Repair Man and Koven mostly gone, it was time for a new Evilie to step in... Serious Man. He despises everything silly and humorous, which happens to be everything Funny Guy and his comrades stand for. Naturally, there was going to be some animosity.

Book 2: Some Nice Comix (51 to 90)

After the fiasco the previous comics indirectly caused, one of my, um, "supervisors" to ask me, "Adam, why don't you make some nice comics?" So I did just that. Gone is Funny Guy kicking the butts of people I may or may not know in real life in favor of more "appropriate" humor.

Book 1: The Koven Wars (1 to 50)

The comics that started it all! In many of these comics, we were just seeing what we could do, and the comic grid we still use was developed and perfected at this stage. A word of caution to all who would enter... You are about to witness comics so old that they're starting to show up on the collective radar of the local archaeologists. Take them with a truckload of salt.